How to Add Favorites on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Do you find it difficult to keep track of your favorite content on Facebook? Whether it’s your best friend’s posts, a fascinating article, or an entertaining video, it can be frustrating to lose track of the things you love. Thankfully, Facebook offers a handy feature called “Favorites” that allows you to organize and access your preferred content with ease. In this article, we will walk you through the process of adding favorites on Facebook, ensuring that you never miss out on the things that matter most to you.

Understanding Favorites on Facebook

Before we delve into the step-by-step guide, let’s first understand what favorites are on Facebook. Favorites are a personalized collection of content that you can easily access from your Facebook homepage. By adding your favorite friends, groups, pages, or even specific posts to this special list, you can conveniently keep up with the updates and engage with the content that matters most to you.

Adding favorites on Facebook provides several benefits. It allows you to prioritize certain content and ensures that you never miss an important update from your loved ones or the pages you follow. Moreover, it enables you to streamline your Facebook experience by organizing your preferred content in one place, making it easily accessible whenever you log in.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Add Favorites on Facebook

Let’s dive into the process of adding favorites on Facebook. Follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Accessing Facebook’s Settings

To begin, log in to your Facebook account and navigate to the top right corner of the screen. You will find a small arrow pointing downwards. Click on it to access the drop-down menu. From the menu, select “Settings” to proceed to the next step.

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2. Navigating to the Favorites Section

Once you are in the Settings menu, you will find a sidebar on the left-hand side. Scroll down until you see the “Favorites” option. Click on it to open the Favorites section.

3. Adding Content as Favorites

Within the Favorites section, you will see a list of categories such as Friends, Groups, and Pages. Click on the category that corresponds to the content you want to add as a favorite. For example, if you want to add a friend to your favorites, click on the “Friends” category.

Next, locate the content you wish to add as a favorite. You can either scroll through the list or use the search bar to find specific content. Once you find the desired content, click on the star icon beside it. This will add it to your favorites.

4. Managing and Organizing Favorites

After adding content to your favorites, you may want to rearrange or remove certain items. To do this, go back to the Favorites section in your Facebook settings. You will see all the categories you have added content to. Click on the category you want to manage, and it will expand to reveal the items within it.

To rearrange the order of favorites, simply click and hold the item you want to move, then drag it to the desired position. If you wish to remove a favorite, click on the star icon again to deselect it. This will remove it from your favorites list.

Tips and Best Practices for Utilizing Favorites on Facebook

Now that you know how to add favorites on Facebook, let’s explore some tips and best practices to maximize this feature:

  1. Prioritize the content that matters to you: Only add the content that you genuinely want to engage with regularly. Adding too many favorites may clutter your list and defeat the purpose of easy access.

  2. Experiment with different categories: Facebook allows you to add favorites across various categories, including friends, groups, pages, and even specific posts. Explore the different options and create a well-rounded favorites list that suits your preferences.

  3. Regularly review and update your favorites: As your interests and priorities change, it’s essential to review and update your favorites list accordingly. Remove content that no longer resonates with you and add new favorites to keep your list fresh.

  4. Leverage favorites for business purposes: If you manage a Facebook page or group, consider adding it as a favorite to stay updated with the latest engagement and respond promptly to comments or messages.

  5. Utilize shortcuts: Did you know that you can access your favorites quickly using keyboard shortcuts? Press “Alt + 0” (zero) to open your favorites, and “Alt + 1” to navigate to the first item in your list.

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By following these tips, you can make the most out of the favorites feature on Facebook and enjoy a personalized browsing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adding Favorites on Facebook

To address common queries about adding favorites on Facebook, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions:

1. How many favorites can I add on Facebook?

Facebook allows you to add up to 30 favorites across all categories combined. This limit ensures that your favorites remain manageable and easily accessible.

2. Can I remove favorites from my list?

Yes, you can remove favorites from your list at any time. Simply go to the Favorites section in your Facebook settings, find the item you want to remove, and click on the star icon again to deselect it.

3. Can I customize the order of favorites?

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to arrange your favorites in any order you prefer. By clicking and dragging the items within each category, you can easily customize the sequence to match your preferences.

4. Will adding favorites notify other users?

No, adding favorites on Facebook is a private action that only affects your own account. Other users will not receive notifications or be aware of the content you have added as favorites.

5. Are favorites visible to my friends?

No, your favorites list is not visible to your friends or other Facebook users. It remains a personal feature that only you can access and manage.


With the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you now have the knowledge to add favorites on Facebook effortlessly. By leveraging this feature, you can prioritize the content that matters most to you and enhance your overall Facebook experience. Remember to regularly review and update your favorites list to keep it aligned with your evolving interests. Take advantage of the tips and best practices shared here to make the most out of this valuable feature. So, why wait? Start organizing your Facebook favorites today and never miss out on the updates that bring you joy!

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